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VHP pass box : Top 5+ things you should know

What is VHP pass box? What are VHP pass box applications? What is VHP pass box working principle?… Let’s dive deeper in this article!

1. What is a VHP Pass Box?

It is a machine designed to perform the low-temperature superficial bio-decontamination of materials using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP).

2. What is a VHP Pass Box used for?

It is used to introduce into sterile areas all those materials that cannot be sterilized in an autoclave, typically: heat-sensitive products such as sterile petri-dishes; sterile materials for validation or cleaning activities, such as disinfectants; electronic particle meters; garments, etc. It is also widely used to decontaminate day-to-day production materials that cannot be processed by means of steam sterilization, such as rubber stopper bags and API aluminium containers.

3. How does a VHP Pass Box work?

A built-in VHP generator heats up the hydrogen peroxide, converting it from liquid to vapour. This is then blown into the chamber, creating a lethal environment capable of killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Each step of the process is fully controlled, guaranteeing perfect performance over time.

4. Why use vaporized H2O2 instead of spray systems?

90% of worldwide pharmaceutical production plants use vaporized H2O2. There are many reasons why simple spray o micronized systems have not become popular. Vapour is indicated for a wide range of microorganisms and guarantees uniform distribution, reaching the most critical areas of the chamber. It is capable of achieving 6-log reduction on all exposed surfaces, avoiding the potential creation of a Biofilm. The chemical and physical properties of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) are compatible with most of the materials used in sterile production areas. Moreover, vapour limits the formation of potentially corrosive liquids, which normally occurs with other spray systems.

5. VCR Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Pass Box Features

  • Sterilization process <120min to realize multiple sterilization operations one day.
  • Fully automatic operate, menu can be saved and invoked.
  • Emergency Stop.
  • Adopts clean compressing air for vaporization power which can reduce the impact of the pressure differential when taking air from the room.
  • Decomposition filter can effectively reduce the concentration of VHP remain,  reduce the impact on environment and personnel.
  • Through up down side to reduce the inspection space.
  • Corner sterilization pass box will increase factory space utilization ratio, and improve the distribution.
  • Very low hydrogen peroxide consumption.

6. VCR vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) passbox standard size and parameters 

Model Overall size
Work size
Rated capacity
Working area
clean class
LATM288 1200×800×2000 600×800×600 288 Class B 6-log 3
LATM512 1400×800×2200 800×800×800 512
LATM1000 1600×1060×2100 1000×1000×1000 1000
LATM1440 1600×1260×2300 1000×1200×1200 1440

Note: specifications listed below table are only for customers’ reference. It is mostly designed and manufactured according to customers’ URS.

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