pass box working principle

Pass Box Working Principle

Pass box in clean room is used to transfer materials. There are many types of pass box in cleanroom. What is the working principle of each type of pass box. VCR will provide the pass box working principle as below:

1. Mechanical interlocking pass box

The interlock is in mechanical form. When one door is opened, the other door cannot be opened. One door must be closed before the other door can be opened.

Static Pass Box

2. Electronic interlocking pass box

The electronic interlock use integrated circuits, electromagnetic locks, control panels and indicator light.

When one door is opened and the indicator light is on, the indicator light on the other side does not light up, indicating that the door cannot be opened at the same time. When the door is closed, the indicator light on the other side will light up, indicating that the other door can be opened.

 3. Dynamic pass box

Dynamic Pass Box

Dynamic pass box is self-cleaning pass box. The air is sucked by centrifugal fan then passed through HEPA filter. After the pressure is equalized, the filtered air enters the working zone at a uniform air velocity, forming a clean working environment.

The air outlet surface can also be replaced with a nozzle, which increases the air velocity to meet the requirements of blowing dust on the material surface.

The doors on both sides are equipped with mechanical or electronic interlock system, reducing the number of door openings and the direct contact of human.

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