pass box price

Pass box price – How much does a pass box cost?

Pass box price is one of the most important factors to consider when customers are interested in pass box and want to install this product for their laboratories, clean rooms, etc.

In this article, VCR – Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment will analyze the main factors that decide the pass box price so that customers will have the best option for their projects.

I. What is pass box?

Pass box is the auxiliary equipment for the cleanroom. It is used to transfer materials between cleanrooms of different cleanliness levels or between cleanroom and non-cleanroom. It acts as an airlock to prevent dust and particles from entering the cleanroom when materials are transferred.

II. What are the main factors determining pass box price?

“How much is a pass box?” is the most common question we get. Unfortunately, this is a pretty loaded question that does not bode well for a simple and straightforward answer.

There are 4 main points determining the price of pass box: pass box types, pass box size, pass box material and pass box accessories.

1. Pass box types

According to the purpose, the transfer window is divided into two types: static pass box and dynamic (self-clean) pass box.

Static pass box is normally used between cleanrooms of different cleanliness levels, while dynamic pass box is used between cleanroom and non-cleanroom.

The main difference between a dynamic pass box and a static pass box is that dynamic pass box has self-cleaning function and static pass box does not. Dynamic pass box includes HEPA filter, a fan and a return air grille, so that the air inside the pass box is purified in order to create a highly clean environment.

As a result, the price of dynamic pass box is 3-4 times higher than that of static pass box.

Static pass box

Image: Static pass box

Dynamic pass box

                                                                                             Image: Dynamic pass box

2. Pass box material

The material of the pass box is also one of the main factors affecting the price of the product. Pass box material on the market is powder-coated steel, sus 201 stainless steel, sus 304 stainless steel. Sus 304 stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and has strong performance stability, which meets the requirements of cleanrooms. The value determines the price. Therefore, sus 304 stainless steel pass box is more expensive than the others.

3. Pass box size

Pass box size is normally designed according to customers’ demands. The bigger the size is, the higher the price is.

4. Pass box accessories

The internal configuration of pass box is also one of the factors that affect the price. Take the UV germicidal light, the price of a UV germicidal light inside the pass box and a UV germicidal light around each are different.

pass box uv light

Interlocking systems also affect the pass box price. Pass box with mechanical interlock is cheaper than pass box with electronic interlock.

In general, the pass box price is affected by many factors. The price is calculated based on the customers’ requirements.

Only by understanding your requirements can we provide you with an appropriate pass box quotation. For detailed information, please consult VCR – Vietnam Cleanroom Equipment service personnel via hotline 090 123 7008

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