pass box installation

Pass Box Installation Method

Pass box is the auxiliary equipment of cleanroom, mainly used to transfer materials between clean areas of different cleanliness levels or between cleanroom and non-cleanroom. Pass box helps reduce the number of door openings, hence minimizing pollution in clean areas.

Pass box is widely used in semiconductor industries, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological laboratories, food processing industries, etc.

Pass boxes are divided into 3 categories:

  • Electronic interlocking static pass box
  • Mechanical interlocking static pass box
  • Dynamic pass box

According to the working principle, pass boxes can be categorized into

  • air shower pass box
  • ordinary pass box (static)
  • laminar flow pass box

Pass boxes can be tailor-made according to actual requirements.

Basically, pass box includes inox 304 casing, interlocking system, UV germicidal lamp, tempered glass doors. Some pass boxes like dynamic pass boxes have a blower, HEPA filter, and other related accessories.

There are 3 pass box installation methods in the cleanroom:

  1. Embedded wall mounting
  2. Square-corner integrated mounting bracket
  3. Cylindrical-corner mounting bracket


According to different designs of cleanroom, operators will choose different pass box installation methods

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