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Dynamic Pass Box Guidelines

In this article, VCR will help you find out the dynamic pass box guidelines:

Dynamic pass box is an auxiliary cleanroom unit. It is normally installed between cleanrooms and non-cleanrooms to transfer items.

Dynamic pass box is managed according to the cleanliness level of the higher-level cleanroom linked to it. After work, the worker should wipe off the internal chamber of dynamic pass box and turn UV light on for sterilization within 30 minutes.

Here are the use dynamic pass box guidelines:

1. The transferred items must strictly be separated from personnel movement

2. When receiving stock, the worker must unpack and clean the exterior, then send it to the raw workshop. Through dynamic pass box, the stock will be sent to another place.

3. When transferring materials, the rule “one open, one close” for the pass box doors must strictly comply with. Open the outside door to put the material in. After closing the outside door, open the inside door to take it out.

4. When materials being transferred from the cleanroom, they must come through the airlock, then the materials are sent to the packaging room outside.

5. All the semi-products from cleanroom need to be transported through pass box to the temporary storage room before they are sent to the packaging room

6. Highly polluted materials and wastes should be brought to cleanroom through pass box

7. After stock input and output, pass box, airlock, temporary storage room, and cleanroom should be cleaned and sterilized

There will be different guidelines based on different environments. Please follow the manufacturers’ instructions and pass box guidelines.


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